Tortoise Tom Starter Pack Ground Coffee

Tortoise Tom Starter Pack Ground Coffee

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This starter pack gives you everything you need to enjoy Tom's great coffees from the comfort of your own home. Three great Tortoise Tom ground coffees 250g of each of the below coffees and a FREE 500ml Cafetiere.

100% Pure arabica single estate ground coffee.

A superior pure Arabica coffee from the Barbosa Gold Estate in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. This filter coffee is full bodied, nutty and sweet with a hint of dark chocolate.

Roast Colour: Medium /Dark


Single estate ground coffee with all the typical charertistics of a Peruvian ground coffee

A complex fruity coffee from the hills of San Martin in Peru, with hints of cocoa, medium bodied, giving a smooth after taste.

An amazing coffee that is great for drinking anytime of the day.


 Roast Colour: Dark


100% Tanzanian Coffee ground for Filter or Cafetiere

From Tom's very own coffee estate in Kibo at the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Making a great milky coffee whislt also being amazing served black. Typical caramel and dark chocolate undertones of coffees grown on this estate. This coffee is a rare find and something very special and that is why Tortoise Tom has given his seal of approval to this fantastic roasted coffee bean.

Roasted: Medium/Dark


Don't forget for every pack sold we donate 10p to the National Tortoise Association.

Check out this worthy cause